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At MedValue we believe that medical innovations are indispensable for maintaining the future of healthcare. At the same time, we know that the road from innovative solution to successful market product is full of pitfalls. A good idea is only the beginning because, without a powerful business case, solutions can become stranded in the concept phase. This is why MedValue helps businesses to substantiate the added value of their innovations. By using our products, we ensure overview, create focus, map the needs of various stakeholders and analyse the potential value and cost-effectiveness of an innovation. With our integrated approach, we help our clients to increase the impact of a medical innovation.


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MedValue possesses expertise and experience on many different diseases, including head and neck cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes. Moreover, we have access to a wide clinical and academic network. MedValue is a subsidiary of Radboudumc, is part of Radboudumc’s innovative network and is involved in

  • Radboudumc Reshape Center
  • Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center (RTKIC)
  • Radboudumc Innovation Lab
  • Radboudumc Technology Center 3D-Lab


Meet MedValue

MedValue consists of an enthusiastic and highly motivated team. Our staff has a biomedical background, know what is needed for innovations and know how to find their way in multidisciplinary projects. Together they act as a link between clinicians, businesses, researchers and policy makers, amongst others.

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MedValue has an extensive external network and collaborates with partners including:

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