General payment conditions

1. In these general payment conditions, the following terms apply:

a. MedValue B.V.: established in Nijmegen at the Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10,
Chamber of Commerce number 61682349
b. other party: the natural or legal person with which MedValue enters into an agreement

2. These general payment conditions apply to all agreements between MedValue B.V. and the other party insofar as they are related to the supply of services to the other party and, in general, to all work carried out and/or provided by or on behalf of MedValue B.V. and charged to the other party. All agreements concluded between MedValue B.V. and the other party as mentioned above will be governed by Dutch law.

3. Any deviation from these general payment conditions will only have binding force if MedValue B.V. has agreed to this in writing. General (purchase) conditions of the other party will not apply and are hereby expressly excluded.

4. Payment by the other party will be made without suspension or setoff within thirty days after the invoice date by transfer to the bank account number stated on the invoice.

5. MedValue B.V. will at all times be entitled to demand full or partial payment in advance or a security deposit from the other party for the estimated costs of (further) treatment, research and/or goods to be delivered and/or (other) services, at any occasion which it deems reasonable.

6. If the other party fails to make a (full) payment within 30 days after the invoice date, it will be in default by force of law and will owe the statutory interest over the invoice amount from the due date (invoice date plus 30 days). In that event, all costs borne by MedValue B.V. in connection with judicial or extrajudicial cost collection will be at the expense of the other party, including any VAT payable on these costs. The extrajudicial collection costs will amount to at least 15% of the main sum owed, with a minimum of EUR 150.00, excluding VAT. If the other party is a natural person and does not act in the exercise of a profession or business, he/she will be in default after the recovery period of 14 days has expired after receipt of the demand for payment. In that event, the maximum collection costs to be charged will be in accordance with legal provisions on this subject.

7. Once the other party is in default, all (future) claims of MedValue B.V. on the other party will be due on call and the other party will be immediately in default without notice or other preceding statement with respect to those claims. In that event, MedValue B.V. will be entitled to suspend its obligations under any agreement concluded with the other party until full payment of all due and payable claims has been received.

8. Objections to the invoice or invoice amount must be communicated in writing within 14 days after the invoice date to the financial correspondence address. Objections to the invoice or invoice amount do not relieve the payment obligation.

9. With a view to cost collection, MedValue B.V. will be entitled to supply relevant information to the bodies that are in charge of the collection, with due observance of the relevant privacy rules.

10. MedValue B.V. assumes the invoice and address details to be accurate until the other party has stated otherwise in a written amendment to the financial correspondence address as stated on the invoice of MedValue B.V.

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