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Interesse in internationaliseren? RVO biedt coaching mogelijkheden!

Het Starters International Business Individual Coaching (SIBIC) programma van RVO biedt de mogelijkheid voor individuele coaching op het gebied van internationalisering. Wil je meer weten? Neem contact op met TFHC via


Benefit from SIBIC

  • SIBIC is subsidized by the RVO and therefore free (except your travel cost)
  • SIBIC is an excellent tool to develop an (specific) export strategy
  • A SIBIC-programme consists of 3 coaching meetings of about 2-3.5 hours each
  • In these meetings you receive free access to TFHC services to for example:
    • Pinpoint market potential
    • Identify roadblocks
    • Develop an concrete action plan to enter a foreign market
    • And much more


TFHC approach

The TFHC approaches SIBIC with a tailormade approach per applicant. We do this by assembling a team of both a regional expert and a sector expert. Examples of possible teams:

  • TFHC programme manager Middle Aast & medtech/elderly care expert (VP of Bioness and Evofenedex lecturer)
  • TFHC programme manager US & senior biotech expert (seasoned biopharma project developer)
  • TFHC programme manager Africa & public health specialist (CEO of Meduprof-S)
  • And many other combinations…

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